2 Canadian citizens originally from Hong Kong among the dead in Taiwan earthquake

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    Hopes of finding additional survivors from this week's earthquake in Taiwan were fading Friday after two more bodies were found in a partially collapsed hotel and no signs detected of a missing family of five. Rescuers broke through to a room in the Beauty Inn where the couple — Canadian citizens originally from Hong Kong — were found, Taiwanese broadcasters reported. No signs of life were found, they said.

    According to local reports they were each 49 years old. Global Affairs Canada confirmed to CBC News that two Canadians died as a result of the earthquake and that they are "providing consular assistance to the family." Spokesperson Sujata Raisinghani did not provide names or further details.

    The hotel, located on the lower floors of the 12-storey Yunmen Tsuiti building, had almost entirely collapsed. The building itself was leaning at a 45-degree angle, forcing crews to stabilize it with steel beams. The others missing in the hotel are five members of a family from China, including parents, grandparents and their 12-year-old son.

    The Yunmen Tsuiti building was one of several damaged by the magnitude 6.4 temblor that struck Tuesday in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hualien county, whose economy is heavily dependent on tourism.

    Ruco Chan’s Fan Meeting Prices in Malaysia Exceed Big Bang’s

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    Ruco Chan’s Fan Meeting Prices in Malaysia Exceed Big Bang’s

    Ruco Chan has always been one of Malaysia’s most popular foreign actors, but to see his ticket prices soaring past even some of K-pop’s most popular names is definitely a surprise. Ruco will be holding a Meet & Greet event with his fans in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on February 18, two days after the Lunar New Year.

    Starting prices are at RM188 (approximately HK$371), with the most expensive ticket being at RM588 (HK$1,176). These tickets are worth more than even the most expensive tickets for Big Bang's 2014 in Malaysia, where the most expensive starting price was RM550 (HK$1,100).

    Ruco, however, is not the most expensive artiste to perform in Malaysia. The most expensive concert to be held in Malaysia was by Faye Wong, who charged the most expensive ticket at RM1,080 (HK$2,160).

    Hong Kong father admits to raping daughter for eight years

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    A Hong Kong father who raped his daughter almost once a week for eight years from when she was 12 and threatened he would hurt himself if she told others admitted his guilt on Friday. The High Court also heard that the unnamed daughter, now 23, had written a note to herself when she was younger, saying she felt “unclean” and had always wanted to reveal the sex abuse to her mother. But the victim was held back because she feared the revelation would break up the family, she wrote. 

    The assaults began in 2006 and lasted until 2014, when the daughter, then 20, went on a working holiday trip in Australia. “The defendant had unlawful sexual intercourse with [her] without her consent about once a week or once every two weeks,” senior public prosecutor Christal Chan told the court. And after the victim returned home in 2016, the defendant continued his advances. Upon finding the note she had written to herself, she decided to tell her mother what had happened. The two alerted police when they found a knife missing from home and learned the defendant was following them.

    The father, 53, and referred to as LK in court to protect his daughter’s identity, pleaded guilty to nine counts of rape on Friday. He was remanded into jail custody, as deputy High Court judge Poon Siu-tung will hear his mitigation on April 9. Poon had sought reports to study the defendant’s mental state. The four-member family, including the mother and younger brother, have been living in a flat at Ap Lei Chau Estate since 2000.

    The first assault took place six years later when the defendant, reeking of alcohol, approached the daughter one night while she was asleep. She awoke “shocked” and was warned not to tell others, the prosecutor said. More attacks ensued in the years to come. The defendant had prepared condoms on each occasion except the first time and would wait for his wife to leave home, the court heard. Although he never resorted to violence, LK would exert pressure by throwing tantrums. He would slam a table or hit himself with a hammer. After returning from Australia, the daughter grew angry as her father continued his advances, the court also heard. As she tidied up the home one day, she found the note written to herself when she was about 14. She decided to tell her mother the full account when she was asked to reconcile with her father.

    After his wife confronted him, LK threatened to commit suicide. The court heard he also once expressed interest “in killing people” and asked the daughter to tell her boyfriend to be careful when a chopper went missing from home on August 20, 2016. The daughter and mother called police the next day after the defendant, carrying a bag, followed them on the street.

    Nineteen dead, more than 60 injured in ‘chaotic’ Hong Kong double-decker bus crash

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    Nineteen people were killed and more than 60 injured on Saturday when a Hong Kong bus packed with passengers heading home from a day at the races crashed. It was the city’s deadliest bus accident in nearly 15 years, sparking a full-scale emergency operation as dozens of police officers and firefighters swarmed over the vehicle to rescue victims still trapped in the KMB double-decker while paramedics set up a triage centre by the road.

    Fifteen men and three women were confirmed dead at the scene, while 61 injured passengers were rushed to 12 public hospitals across the city. Ten were fighting for their lives in hospital while 15 were in a serious condition.

    The city’s leader, Chief Executive 

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     visited the victims in hospital and announced that the government would set up an independent committee, chaired by a judge, to investigate bus safety. The goal is to ensure a safe and reliable public transport system ... especially for bus services,” Lam said.

    Senior police superintendent Li Chi-wai, of New Territories North, said the force suspected that the driver was “speeding when driving down a slope, lost control” and then the double-decker “turned over on its left”. Li said officers would investigate the driver’s psychological state at the time of the accident, the speed the bus was travelling and whether it had any mechanical issues. He added that the driver had not been under the influence of alcohol and had not needed any medical help.

    The exact cause of the crash was not clear, but according to eyewitness accounts, the route 872 bus was on its way from Sha Tin racecourse to Tai Po Centre when it flipped onto its side while negotiating a turn on Tai Po Road, near Tsung Tsai Yuen. Passengers suggested the bus was speeding downhill at the time, and the driver appeared to be upset after he was told off for being late. “He was late for 10 minutes,” a passenger recalled of the driver. “He was grumpy because some people criticised him for being late. He then started to drive the bus like he was flying a plane.” Another passenger said: “He was driving very fast, extremely fast, even if he was driving down a slope.” One of the victims, who sat by the side of the road with his right leg bandaged, also suggested the driver had been speeding. It was much faster than I normally feel on a bus,” he said. “And then it was like the tyres skidded, and the bus overturned. It was really chaotic on the bus. People fell on top of one another and got tossed around from side to side.”

    Police said they had received multiple calls reporting the accident at around 6pm and it was 9.30pm by the time they managed to pull survivors and bodies out of the wreckage. Investigators were looking into whether the driver had been speeding after finding skid marks stretching 30 metres at the scene. The bus had come to a stop after crashing into a lamp post while on its side.

    Many passengers, injured and in shock, were sitting by the road as paramedics provided first aid. Many had bandages wrapped around their heads and several were bleeding as they were stretchered onto waiting ambulances. The bodies of the victims were covered and laid by the roadside, waiting to be taken to the morgue. Most of the injured were sent to Prince of Wales Hospital in Sha Tin, Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital in Tai Po, Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Ho Man Tin and United Christian Hospital in Kwun Tong.

    KMB general manager Godwin So Wai-kei said at the crash site that the franchised bus company would give a condolence allowance of HK$80,000 (US$10,000) to each injured person and family of the deceased. He said t

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     had joined the company in 2014 and changed to working part-time last September. The driver was familiar with the route, which was only operated on racing days, and he had last been on it nearly three weeks ago. “There were no signs that he was exhausted,” So said, adding that the driver had been working seven-hour shifts for the past four days, and was on a four-hour shift on Saturday. So said KMB would launch its own investigation into the accident, led by independent directors of the firm, and would hand in a report to the Transport Department in a month’s time.

    The accident was the deadliest since 2003, when 21 people were killed after a double-decker bus plunged off a Tuen Mun flyover following a collision with a container truck. In 2008, a speeding bus careered out of control at a Sai Kung roundabout, leaving 18 people dead and 44 injured. Last September, three people were killed and 29 injured when a double-decker bus 

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     and ploughed into pedestrians at the junction of Yen Chow Street and Cheung Sha Wan Road in Sham Shui Po during rush hour.

    Charmaine Sheh promotes her new film "Agent Mr Chan" happily

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    Source: Asian E-News Portal/On.cc/Youtube



    Charmaine Sheh has been developing her career in China in recent years. She is apparently busy promoting her new film "Agent Mr Chan" starring Dayo Wong and herself everywhere. On 04 February, she wore a floral dress with a jacket to promote the movie on thet Citywalk in Hong Kong. Her pose made her looking very feminine indeed. Apparently, Charmaine is in a good mood and kept smiling all the time.

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