What's wrong with you? Magistrate admonishes man who indecently assaulted 7 girls over 10 years

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    Chung Syun Wong, 23, has been accused on seven separate occasions of indecently assaulting girls on public transport in the past 10 years.

    The first, in 2009, happened when he was just 13 years old. He was caught five more times between 2011 and 2013. So when he showed up at Kowloon City Magistrates’ Court — accused of pinching a 15-year-old girl on the thigh on the MTR on Tuesday– 

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    , according to a report by Apple Daily. ‘What’s wrong with you?’ principal magistrate Bernadette Woo asked,  “Are you ill son?”

    According to Apple Daily, Chung, in response, insisted he would change, saying he wanted to get a diploma and work as a kitchen hand. Woo wasn’t buying it. “But you haven’t changed, people have called you a ‘dirty old man’, ‘wretched’, a ‘sex maniac’, ‘obscene’, and ‘despicable’.”

    Chung — who in 2013 was sent to Christian Zheng Sheng College, a private college and rehabilitation and correction center for youths — tried again: “I’ve only been studying for two months, I want to continue my studies.” “How am I supposed to believe you? Don’t assume that studying more is going to be helpful, there’s something called ‘the scum of the literati’, studying more has nothing to do with that,” replies Woo, citing a Chinese phrase similar to the saying ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing.’

    According to Apple Daily, Chung pleaded guilty to indecent assault over the incident. The court heard it took place on a train from Jordan heading towards Central on Tuesday, where Chung — who had a shoulder bag on his lap — pinched the girl on her thigh. He got off the train at Tsim Sha Tsui, but then got back on again when he realised the girl was following him. After he got back on the train, the girl yelled calling on passengers to stop him. He was apprehended by passengers, and police arrested him at Admiralty station. Sentencing will be held at a later date.

    Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin tie the knot in Austria

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    Mainland Chinese stars, 34-year-old Tiffany Tang and 36-year-old Luo Jin, announced their marriage on October 26. The couple shared the photos of their wedding in Hallstatt, Austria.  In the photo they posted, the couple held up their “little red books”, or Chinese marriage certificates, and wrote, “I’m the bride” and “I’m the groom”.

    Tiffany and Luo Jin briefly dated when they filmed Agent X in 2013, but broke up afterwards. While filming Princess Welyoung, the Couple started dating again.

    Although there is rumour that Yang Mi and Tiffany are not in good term, Yang Mi congratulated the newlyweds on Weibo, “Happy new marriage! Happiness forever!” Due to post-production work on her new drama, Yang Mi couldn’t attend Tiffany’s wedding in Austria.

    Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin tied the knot on board a yacht

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    Hong Kong TVB heartthrob Ruco Chan tied the knot with 28-year-old budding actress Phoebe Sin on a yacht over the weekend of October 15, 2018 amid blue skies and beautiful views of HK harbour.

    The 41-year-old actor-singer arrived on a speedboat before boarding the yacht for the ceremony. They exchanged their vows in the presence of 50 guests. “Although I was excited, I had a good night’s sleep as I wanted this to be a memorable moment for the two of us,” said the groom. 

    Chan was dressed in a black Chi­nese tunic suit with a gold dragon design on the left chest while Sin wore a high-slit red qipao and embroidered high heels. The couple followed the Chinese tradition where a red umbrella was held over the bride’s head to protect her from evil spirits as they boarded the car, accompanied by groomsmen, former ATV actors Derek To and Jerry Leung and Phoebe’s good friends, Tiffany Lau and Joyce Ngai.

    Man who attempted to murder his three children jailed for eight years

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    A man was jailed for eight years today for trying to kill his three young children by burning charcoal at their home in Tsuen Wan.

    Cheung Chu-kong, 37, who ran a small logistics business, had earlier admitted three counts of attempted murder, RTHK reports. The High Court had heard that one night in March last year, Cheung bought two bags of charcoal and started to burn them after he had put his daughter and two sons to bed. He intended to kill himself as well as the children, who were aged between two and six at the time. But they all survived and weren't injured. 

    During his trial, the court was told that Cheung's wife had left him after he had an affair, and he also had financial troubles and a drink problem. It was his wife who discovered what had happened when she went to the family's home the morning after the attack, after being told that her estranged husband hadn't shown up at work.

    In mitigation, Cheung's lawyer said his client's circumstances had got the better of him and he was in despair. He said Cheung was a very good father, whose daughter had written to him while he was in custody to say how much she missed him.

    In sentencing, Justice Maggie Poon said while she believed Cheung to be a caring father, no parents have the right to decide whether their children should live or die, and his attempt to murder the children was premeditated.

    Butcher in court charged with dismembering ex-wife’s aunt and putting limbs in plastic bags and suitcase

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    A “master meat cutter” butchered his ex-wife’s aunt before disposing of the body parts in plastic bags and a suitcase that have never been found, a Hong Kong court heard on Thursday. Ngan Wing-chau, 51, a butcher by trade, then attempted to pin the blame for Chan Sau-wa’s murder on an imaginary friend, “Ah Hoi”, when police began to question him, prosecutors said. “[Ngan] was described as a master meat cutter,” prosecutor Michael Arthur told the jury in his opening remarks. “He is someone with a good deal of experience in the matter.”

    Ngan, who worked at a meat shop in Shek Kip Mei, pleaded not guilty to murdering the 62-year-old, who was his mother-in-law’s sister. He also denied one count of preventing her lawful burial. The prosecutor said Ngan murdered Chan in his home at the Iskra Building, on Cheung Sha Wan Road, on May 1, 2016. While there were no eyewitnesses, and Chan’s remains have never been found, Arthur said closed-circuit television footage at the residence captured a great deal, including Ngan bringing a suitcase home the day before the woman disappeared.

    On May 1, Chan was recorded on camera entering the building at 7.48pm, about 30 minutes after Ngan had arrived home. “She was never seen after that,” Arthur said. Two hours later, CCTV footage showed him leaving the building with a suitcase and a black plastic rubbish bag, the prosecutor said. The defendant returned home and made four more trips, with the last at 2.32am, when he was also seen carrying a hammer. Each time he left carrying plastic bags and had the suitcase with him until the fourth journey, the jury was told. Arthur said Ngan used the containers to get rid of Chan’s body, and anything else that might be used in evidence against him. He said Ngan was arrested by police and held for questioning after Chan’s son reported her missing. It was during this, Arthur said, that Ngan tried to pin the blame on his friend, Ah Hoi.

    The butcher initially told police that on the night in question he was out playing mahjong, and only learned Chan was missing when her son called him. However, Ngan revealed he had borrowed HK$20,000 (US$2,550) from his ex-wife’s aunt, though he said he had paid that back. Arthur said the defendant went on to give an even more “fantastic account”, claiming his friend Ah Hoi had stabbed Chan in his flat and that he had witnessed it. He helped dispose of Chan’s bloodstained clothes, but played no part in the actual murder, he claimed. Ngan said that when he returned home from the task, the flat had been cleaned up, while Ah Hoi was nowhere to be seen. He told police that Ah Hoi, whose full name he did not know, sneaked in and out of Hong Kong and trafficked organs in mainland China. The man, he said, was a relative of another man called Chan Ming, who helped him rent his flat. But Arthur dismissed this account of the incident. “What the defendant was saying … might have been a description of the actual murder of the deceased, but with this qualification – the killer was not Ah Hoi. The killer was the defendant himself,” the prosecutor said. Chan Ming was an alias Ngan had been using, Arthur added. He said of all the lies Ngan had told, the biggest concerned Ah Hoi. “It was a complete fabrication to shift the blame of the murder, which he committed, to this imaginary person,” Arthur said. Traces of Chan’s blood had been found near a sofa in Ngan’s house, he added.

    The victim’s son, Chan Ho-man, said he last saw his mother the day before she went missing. On the day she disappeared, he said she called and asked him to prepare dinner. But she never came home. The case continues before Mr Justice Patrick Li Hon-leung.


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