Aaron Kwok becomes a father at 51

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     Aaron Kwok Fu-shing is celebrating fatherhood at the age of 51. The singer-actor broadcast the good news by posting a picture of his first child’s hand grasping its parents’ fingers on his official social media account on Friday morning.

    He did not show the baby’s face, reveal the date of birth, or specify whether it was a boy or girl. “Happy ... grateful! Us three!” Kwok wrote on his Sina Weibo account, China’s version of Twitter. “Grow, family, protect,” the caption continued, accompanied by smiley face emoticons. Another image in the Weibo post showed a pair of pink footprints with the title: “Welcome, little one”.

    Kwok wed Shanghai model Moka Fang in April at Hong Kong’s Peninsula hotel. He announced his relationship with the 29-year-old model in December 2015 on Weibo. By 11.30pm, the post had attracted more than 130,000 likes, and over 9,500 comments. 

    Netizens and fans congratulated Kwok on becoming a father, wishing him “every happiness” and “blessings for the rest of his life”. Kwok rose to fame in the 1990s as one of Hong Kong’s “Four Heavenly Kings” – alongside Jacky Cheung Hok-yau, Andy Lau Tak-wah and Leon Lai Ming – and was the last of the four to get married.

    Honest cleaner hands HK$1 mln ring found in park to police

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    Police officers combed Kowloon Park to gather evidence after a diamond ring worth HK$1 million was found on Tuesday night by a cleaner. Photo: Internet


    A diamond ring worth HK$1 million was found by a cleaning woman in Kowloon Park and turned over to the police, hours after three men robbed a Tsim Sha Tsui jewelry shop in broad daylight. Two sledgehammers believed to have been used in the HK$24 million smash-and-grab heist were recovered at the site, Apple Daily reports.

    Police officers combed Kowloon Park to gather evidence after a diamond ring was found on Tuesday night by a cleaner. The jewelry was later confirmed to be one of nine pieces stolen from the shop. The woman, surnamed Wong, said she was on a lunch break when she spotted the ring on the ground. At first, she thought the diamond was fake as it was nearly as big as a 10-cent coin.

    After hearing news of the burglary, Wong checked the ring again and noticed that there were fine carvings on it including the words “Chow Sang Sang”. Thinking the ring might have been part of the loot, she took it to the Tsim Sha Tsui police station. Wong later told reporters that did what she had to do. “It was a very simple act. I got what wasn’t mine and I returned it, that’s all.”

    Many of her colleagues praised Wong for being a “good person with strong moral values”. Another cleaner, surnamed, Lee said they would generally pick up things inside the park and bring them to the lost and found counter at the security center. “The more expensive the item, the more dangerous it is,” he said. “Even if I give you a big diamond, you wouldn’t be able to sell it without getting caught,” Lee said

    Lau Hak-bun, director of Sales at Chow Sang Sang, was notified of the lost item on Wednesday. The ring is being kept as evidence while investigations are continuing. No one has been arrested. Lau said they would offer Wong a souvenir as a token of their appreciation.


    89 years old granny needs to sell cardboard to make ends meet

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    Amid a week-long strike by Hong Kong’s waste paper exporters, an 89-year-old grandmother, who has collected used cardboard in Causeway Bay for years, continued with her daily “job” on Saturday as she tried to make ends meet despite a price slump.

    The elderly cardboard collector, who calls herself “por por” (Cantonese for “granny”), said she had to help make a living by selling what she picked up from shops in the tourist district. She lives with her son in a subdivided flat that they rent for HK$6,000 a month.

    Resting outside a noodle shop with three boxes of cardboard piled about as high as her head, the hunchbacked old woman said she was not discouraged by the drop in recycled cardboard prices.

    Ocean Park closes Halloween attraction after man found dead inside haunted house

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    Hong Kong’s Ocean Park has closed its Halloween-themed haunted house after a 21-year-old man died inside it.

    Police received the alert from the amusement park at 2.06pm Saturday and confirmed a man surnamed Cheung had been certified dead at Ruttonjee Hospital. “Under such circumstances, shouldn’t an area closed to guests simply be locked or equipped with automatic lighting?” the barrister asked. Li said medics at the park had administered first aid to Cheung and called an ambulance as soon as they found him.

    The park and Swire Group offered their “deepest condolences” to the victim and his family. Li added that the needs of Cheung’s family would be appropriately addressed. The death marked the first fatal accident at the attraction since it was introduced in 2001. Au-yeung said the case was under investigation. The park has closed the attraction to facilitate an investigation into the incident by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department.

    The department believed Cheung was hit by “moving parts of the slide” in an area normally closed off to visitors and that the accident did not involve mechanical failure. The slide, measuring 4.5 metres long and 2.5 metres high, was approved by the department on Thursday after passing a comprehensive examination by independent inspectors, it added. The park is not allowed to reopen the attraction until the department lifts its suspension order. The park’s Halloween festival is open to the public from October 5.

    Kate Tsui admits she has mood swings: I get happy and sad easily

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    Kate Tsui, Ellen Joyce Loo, Janet Ma and her daughter, Kayla Wong attended "The EcoChic Design Award 2017" final competition today. Kate wore a revealing dress to attend this function.

    Kate expressed she has been studying a 2 years Master degree course in psychology lately. Kate, the winner of 2014 Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant said she was not aware of the criticisms about 2017 Miss Hong Kong Juliette Louie. Kate emphasized  that she is not qualified to counsel her junior: "I need to fix myself first. I don't have a clue how to handle criticisms as I am busy studying my psychology course. I have mood swings and get happy and sad easily. It took me a few years to adjust myself to the show biz initially. I had so much pressure that and my face looked swollen due to that stress."

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