Double-decker bus crashes into police vehicle and car from another accident, wounding five people

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    A double-decker bus ploughed into the scene of an earlier traffic accident in Hong Kong’s western New Territories on early Sunday morning, injuring at least five people. One of the victims was thrown off the edge of the flyover, suffering critical injuries.

    The two accidents took place on a section of the Tsuen Wan Road motorway above Wing Tak Street. The first involved two vehicles, one of them a Honda, at 1.30am on Sunday, but no one was injured. A police car soon arrived on the scene to help, and one of the vehicles was allowed to leave after officers had taken down details.

    But about 45 minutes later, a KMB bus on route N368 bound for Tsuen Wan West suddenly slammed into the police car, which then hit the Honda which was waiting to be towed.

    The 23-year-old Honda driver, who was standing on the side of the motorway at the time, fell off the bridge upon impact. He landed on top of a parked car about 10 metres below, and suffered multiple body injuries. He was sent to Princess Margaret Hospital in an unconscious state, while the other four who were injured – including two bus passengers – were sent to Yan Chai Hospital for treatment.

    Both the police car and the Honda suffered massive damage, with the rear ends of both vehicles completely caved in. The 45-year-old bus driver was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.

    TVB to will air “Line Walker 2” on September 18

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    "Line Walker 2" will be making its way to Hong Kong television screens on September 18. The highly anticipated prequel to the 2014 drama will be taking over the prime time slot of "The Unholy Alliance" at 9;30pm on Mondays to Fridays.

    The cast includes Michael Mui, Moses Chan, Jessica Hsuan, Benjamin Yuen, Pakho Chau, Priscilla Wong and Hui Shiu-hung. In "Line Walker 2", Michael reprises his role as CIB chief inspector Cheuk Hoi who wants to find the undercover cop, and Hui Shiu-hung returns as the undercover Foon Hei Gor. Moses will play the triad leader.  

    Bosco Wong has lost weight when filming "Flying Tiger" and Ron Ng has to keep himself cool

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    Bosco Wong  and Ron Ng are currently filming "Flying Tiger", an internet drama produced by Shaw Brothers Studio at Sai Kung Town. They need to film a scene of abseil from the helicopter to air cargo. Bosco revealed that he had to film that scene for a whole day and it was fortunate that he didn't get pins and needles in his arms. "I feel okay and heard that it cost $180,000 to rent a helicopter for a day." In the drama, Ron acts as a police officer but requests to transfer to SDU in order to investigate cases: "Michael Miu and I have gun shoot scenes and it is quite shocking."

    Asked about if they are worried about getting heat stroke and dehydration filming under the hot weather, Bosco replied that he is getting slimmer: "I lose 2 to 3 pounds in some days while filming." Ron expressed that he sweats even though he is not in action,  "I have to keep telling myself I am cool so that I don't feel the heat that much." As he participates in many SDU series, it is easy for him to put on the full uniform in no time "It is a painful and suffering memory. (Reminding you again?) I don't mind filming in that condition once every few years, but I am not as young as I was few years ago, I am older now."

    "7 Devil girls" celebrated their 10 years friendship

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    7 Devil girls Charmaine Sheh, Toby Leing, Margaret Chung, Angela Tong, Annie Man, Janet Chow and Sherming Yiu celebrated their 10 years friendship yesterday. Charmaine posted a picture in Instagram in which all the devil girls were dressed in white shirt, showing their beautiful long legs.

    Chairmaine posted: "We are not perfect, we laugh too hard, we're way too loud and we make a complete fool of ourselves sometimes, haha. We are too comfortable with each other and a little too close for comfort. Our smiles are genuine and we make our drinks too strong but somehow we know that being together is what's going to make us together. Love you girls so much. Happy 10 years friendsforever, lovefoprever XX".

    It is not easy to maintain friendship for 10 years, Charmaine told reporter that their friendship is very sincere and secure, they never have any arguments. Toby said "In fact, this is one of my birthday wishes that we take pictures together to commemorate our 10 years sistership " Angela and Janet said they were invited by the "sisters" special request to attend this event. Angela expressed that everybody has been so busy and it is very hard for all of them to get together. Janet said " We didn't compare whose legs are the most beautiful, we could only see whose legs are darker then others."

    Elaine Yiu's had bruises on her arm after filming fighting scenes: It is expected

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    Elaine Yiu and Joel Chan were promoting "The Unholy Alliance" series on 13 August. It is her first time to film action scenes and she has bruises on both  arms. Joel says: "It resembles domestic abuse and I really feel for her."

    Asking if her boyfriend bought her any medicated ointment for her bruises, Elaine said: "Nope. It is expected to have bruises after filming fighting scenes. (The ratings record?) I heard that the ratings for the debut was 26 pts when I was in Australia. It is considered okay and the reviews are not bad as well."

    Speaking about filming the travel show in Australia, Elaine revealed that Nancy Wu cries easily. Relating to the comments that Paw Hee-ching (鮑起靜) looks too kind-hearted and does not look convincing when acting as triad boss, Joel said: "Her domineering character comes from her intelligence and not the real villain."

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