Student, 17, sent to training centre for molesting two children, aged 5 and 8

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    A secondary school student, whose horrific sexual assaults took such a toll on two children that they copied his acts, was sent to a training centre by a Hong Kong court on Thursday.

    Form five student Guan Wa-kit, 17, previously pleaded guilty to four counts of indecent assault, one of which involved him inviting his neighbours, a six-year-old girl and an eight-year-old boy, to his home to watch pornography.

    In sentencing, deputy District Court judge Jason Wan Siu-ming said it was always a “horrific crime” whenever the molestation involved young children as victims. “Although no physical injuries can be done, a psychological effect can last a lifetime,” he said.

    The judge said Guan’s case bore the hallmarks of aggravating features, in that it was not an isolated incident as the student had molested not just one, but two young victims, each on more than one occasion. He also noted that it was a breach of trust case as the young male victim in question treated the defendant as a “big brother”. But the judge took into account Guan’s remorse and that he was still underage, as compared to an adult whom he said would normally be jailed for up to five years for offences of a similar nature. He therefore sent the teenager to a training centre, where Guan’s lawyers said his client is likely to remain for a year and a half.

    At least three assaults took place between March and December last year. Guan molested the children at his home, where he masturbated in front of the them and asked them to take off their pants. He would also play them pornography, the court heard. On one occasion, he invited both to his home and played them pornographic material while demanding that the girl take off her pants. The assaults were unearthed when the girl displayed unusual behaviour at school, prompting social workers to alert police.

    Subsequent psychological reports sought on the two victims showed that both of them had displayed copycat behaviour: they asked their sister and cousin to take off their pants on separate occasions. While the girl was emotionally distressed, displaying anger, fear and a hint of sexual preoccupation, the boy was ashamed, fearing that his classmates would one day find out what had happened to him, the court heard. But both the victims’ parents, although shocked and angry, wrote to the court to appeal for a lenient sentence for Guan, saying that they had forgiven the molester “to a certain extent”. “After finishing his sentence, hopefully he will become a better person who really deserves to be forgiven by the victims’ family,” the judge said, before sending Guan away.


    35 years old Leila Tong is divorced with her husband Desmond Tang

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    Source: Ming Pao

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    35 years old Leila Tong's divorce news came out last night. This morning, there was report from the magazine that she had already moved out from her Taipo family home, but moved into another luxury apartment in Taipo. In fact, she has been spotted by reporters that she was regularly accompanied by her new boyfriend in and out of her new apartment. Leila has been with Desmond Tang for over 10 years, it must be devastating for Desmond. 

    After her divorce news was announced, through her manager, Leila said "We were separated since last year, but decided to file for divorce this year, ending our marriage." Her manager refused to mention of a third party in Leila's her marriage. Posting in the social media with her picture taken with her family, Leila left a message : " Mom, happy birthday, I love you." Some of her fans and netizens praise her for being strong even though she is a single parent now.


    46 samples of cooking oil on sale in Hong Kong contained cancer-causing substance in tests

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    Hong Kong’s consumer watchdog has found more than 40 samples of cooking oil to contain contaminants and a cancer-causing substance. The 

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     tested 60 types of edible oil from various brands and found 46 samples contained the toxic carcinogen glycidol.

    The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified glycidol as a Group 2A substance, or “probably carcinogenic to humans”. There are no safe levels set for it anywhere in the world. “It is not a Group 1 toxin, which is considered to be very severe carcinogens ... but of course, it would be best not to have any carcinogens in the oils,” professor Terence Lau Lok-ting, convenor of Polytechnic University’s food safety consortium, said.

    For cooking oils sold in Hong Kong, there are currently no safety standards. The government said legislation would be presented in the wake of the

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    , but that still has not been unveiled. “Cooking oils are common ingredients, and can be consumed through different sources,” Professor Michael Hui King-man, chairman of the Consumer Council’s publicity and community relations committee, said. “[Because of] the food safety risk, therefore, [this] cannot be taken lightly.”

    The council also found 41 samples to contain phthalates – chemicals that act as a binding agent and make plastics more flexible. Five samples were found to be above European Union safe levels. According to several high-profile studies, phthalates which are consumed may act as endocrine disrupters.

    Spokespersons for 

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     and Sunny Meadow said they had pulled their products and initiated a voluntary recall. ParknShop claimed it had sent oil samples to a laboratory for testing. Tests on laboratory animals have shown that long-term intake of the chemical can damage the development of reproductive systems.

    Andy Lau is recording for the new film: I feel good if everyone feels happy

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    Since Andy Lau fell down from the horse in this January, he becomes skinny and ending up with a hoarse voice. He then travelled with his wife to Nepal for praying and it made his fans very worried. He made a promise to his fans to to hold a concert next year. Although his film "The Adventurers" will be airing soon,  Andy has not made any public appearances to promote that film until now. On 13 July, Andy updated his account and left a message: " I am recording for "The Adventurers"  movie now...... I miss you all and how is everybody? I feel good if everyone is happy. See you in dreams!" Andy looked energetic and his fans replied that they feel good as long as he feels alright.

    Miss Hong Kong 2017's 12 Final Contestants

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