Minibuses and taxi collide during rush hour in Sha Tin, 14 people injured

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    A total of fourteen people were injured in a multi-car pile-up during rush hour this morning in Sha Tin.

    The incident took place at around 8am today on Rural Committee Road, near New Town Plaza. Due to heavy traffic, the taxi and minibus directly behind it slowed down. The driver of a second minibus failed to slow down in time and crashed into the first bus, which then collided with the rear end of the taxi,Oriental Daily 

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    Paramedics and firemen arrived at scene to rescue the passengers and drivers. A total of 14 people were injured, of which 10 passengers and both minibus drivers were sent to the hospital for treatment. Police closed the lane for investigation. The road has been temporarily converted to one lane two-way traffic.

    Ocean Park roller coaster stops mid-ascent, 23 passengers left ‘hanging mid-air’ evacuated safely

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    Passengers on The Dragon roller coaster at Ocean Park had to be evacuated yesterday after the ride broke down mid-ascent. The incident took place at 6:24pm yesterday, when a roller coaster car suddenly stopped on the tracks while ascending the lift hill, leaving its 23 passengers ‘hanging in mid-air’, Ming Pao 

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    . Ocean Park staff began evacuating passengers at 6:40pm, and brought all of them back to safety by 7:05pm.

    A spokesperson for Ocean Park said in a statement that the security system shut down the ride after detecting “mechanical abnormalities”. None of the passengers were injured or reported to have felt unwell as a result of the incident. Service on The Dragon has been suspended until further notice and inspections are being carried out. The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department confirmed it had been notified by the park and has requested a full investigation report.

    The Dragon was built in the United States of America and opened at Ocean Park in 1984. This is the fourth time the roller coaster has had to stop operating mid-ride since October 2011, when a faulty track sensor triggered the safety brakes. In a statement, Ocean Park stressed that its 22 roller coasters are checked frequently by park staff and independent inspectors.

    Man admits raping daughter twice, as son slept in same bed

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    A builder on Thursday admitted twice raping his underage daughter while his son slept in the same bed beside her. The High Court heard of two other attacks in which the father, who cannot be named for legal reasons, molested the girl and attempted to rape her as she slept. The man’s lawyer said his client felt so ashamed and remorseful that he had attempted suicide, for committing acts of such selfishness and “momentary recklessness”. But deputy judge Mr Justice Johnny Chan Jong-herng was unconvinced by the idea of a “momentary” transgression, and rejected the defence’s argument, in mitigation, that the girl’s virginity was still intact.

    A forensic pathologist who examined the girl had said the biological evidence of the attacks was not conclusive. But the judge said of that mitigation: “It’s a very cruel thing to say to the victim. I don’t see how it will assist sentencing.” The man pleaded guilty on Thursday to two counts of rape, one of attempted rape and another of indecent assault.

    The abuse came to light last October when a passer-by overheard the girl recounting the attacks to a classmate, and called police. It was later revealed the abuse spanned more than two years from March 2014, when the girl was only a Primary Six student aged 13. 

    The court heard the girl was sharing a bed with her father and younger brother during a visit to the mainland when she was first raped. Months later at the family’s To Kwa Wan flat, the man crawled into his daughter’s lower bunk bed and molested her while her brother slept beside her. That time his wife returned home, so he stopped the attack and returned to his upper bunk. The girl slept against the wall the following night, but that did not stop her father from raping her.

    Last October, the girl moved into a room of her own, where he attempted to rape her again. The man’s semen was later found on her bedsheets. Sentencing is scheduled for August 22, pending reports. Hong Kong residents who break the law outside the city are still punishable under the Crimes Ordinance if the act constitutes an offence under the ordinance.


    Shanghai International Film Festival: Zhou Xun looks haggard while Yang Mi stole the limelight

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    212cfa53b6a28f5dbab80f82f65a60fe.jpg 21376cb5fa507fddb5b98f74b086becb.jpg




    The opening ceremony of the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival was commenced on 17 June! Zhou Xun, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Charlene Choi, Gillian Chung, Charmaine Sheh, William Chan, Pakho Chau , Yang Mi, Wallace Huo, Stephen Fung, Zhang Jingchu, Kara Hui, Fiona Sit , Janine Chang, Lin Yun , Japanese actress, Aya Ueto and others walked down on the red carpet. As Zhou Xun is rumoured to have marriage crisis, she looked haggard although showing her smiles constantly. Charlene and her old love, William promoted their films separately. She promoted "77 Heartbreaks" film with Pakho Chau and Michelle Wai , while William and Lin Yun made their appearances walking down on the red carpet together arm in arm.

    However, Yang Mi became the highlight when walking down on the red carpet with Wallace for "Fatal Countdown: Reset" movie with 2 or 3 "Yang Mi" at the same time. The audiences have to guess which was the real one. It was amusing yet frightening scene at the same time. Yang Mi felt happy to work with Wallace after many years and he praised her for her increased maturity.

    Mainland women spotted cooking noodles at HK airport

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    When hunger strikes, forget the rules! This is what a group of mainland women apparently thought as they cooked noodles while waiting for a flight at the Hong Kong airport earlier this month. Photos: Internet


    Chinese tourists have gained a bad reputation overseas, with the visitors often facing flak for things such as littering, jumping queues and talking loudly. Now, we have a fresh case of questionable behavior, at least from the perspective of Hong Kong people. According to a video doing the rounds online, a group of mainland women took out an electric kettle and cooked noodles as they were waiting for a flight at the Hong Kong airport earlier this month. 

    A witness told Apple Daily that he saw the activity in a restricted area of the airport, where people were waiting to get on a plane bound for London. To boil the noodles, the women plugged a kettle into an electrical socket in the departure lounge, taking liberties with a facility not meant for that purpose. Ignoring the disapproving looks of other passengers, the mainland women cooked the noodles and started eating, enjoying themselves thoroughly.

    A person captured the incident on camera, claiming that it took place on June 10 at around 9 pm and that the scene lasted about 40 minutes. Posting the clip online, the netizen said he suspects the mainlanders violated airport rules as they misused facilities in the departure lounge. The only saving grace, according to him, is that the women, after finishing the noodles, cleaned up the seats they had occupied. 

    Alerted about the incident, an Airport Authority spokesperson said the electrical sockets in the airport lounges are mainly for passengers to charge their mobile phones or laptop computers, and that they are not meant for other uses. Passengers who are found using the sockets for other purposes will be advised to stop the activity. If a person refuses to obey, he could face prosecution, according to the spokesperson.

    Under an Airport Authority bylaw, no one is allowed to obstruct or interfere with power supply or other public facilities. People who violate the rule could be fined up to HK$10,000 and three months imprisonment. Cheung Sing-wai, an associate professor in the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, warned people against using electric cookers at the airport. The devices should not be used as they involve heavy electricity load and pose potential safety risks, especially if water from the appliances wets the sockets, he said. In 2015, a video clip uploaded to social media showed a man from Shandong province preparing a meal for himself with his rice cooker at the departure hall of the Hong Kong airport. 

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